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Are you looking to avail of the best web hosting service for your newly created website? If so, then Shashwat Infotech is ready to become your best hosting partner. Let’s get the fast and desirable solutions for your hosting needs by exploring our amazing hosting plans and affordable services. But first, have a glance at a guide about the hosting to have deep knowledge of what is hosting all about.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a service via which storage and computing resources are provided to organizations or individuals to host their websites along with the related services. When you avail the hosting services, then any user can access your website after typing the web address in the web browser. Also, by availing the web hosting service from us, you would be able to manage your site smoothly through our GUIs and art control panel.

Web hosts are the companies that provide their services as well as technologies to host the websites of the clients on the internet. We are a famous web hosting service provider that is admired among the customers for our outstanding services. We offer different kinds of hosting plans which you can select according to the demand or requirement of your business website.

Types of Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a type of hosting where one server hosts several websites. The resources of a single server are used by multiple sites. This is an affordable web hosting that is availed by most of the small and mid-size companies.

You can say that it is an economical option for you to choose from. The advantages of shared hosting are it is cheap and equipped with a built-in cPanel. You don't have to fix any technical issue to the server and the hosting package of it can be upgraded with time. Just explore our website and see the Linux and Windows hosting plans under shared web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is the kind of hosting where a server is completely dedicated to a single user. If you would avail of the dedicated web hosting from us, then our server with dedicated resources will only host your website. It is mainly preferred by big organizations that have higher traffic on their websites.

Dedicated web hosting is expensive hosting than shared hosting but offers various features such as excellent speed to the website, high security, big memory, and others. Our dedicated server provides immense and incredible supports to the Windows and Linux operating systems.

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How does web hosting work?

When you would select any hosting plan from us as per the nature of the website, then your site is stored on a hosting server and a unique address will be assigned to you. By typing that name in the web browser, your website can be found and viewed by the customers. The type of hosting plan you would choose for your website will impact the performance of your website. So, always be careful and choose the plan wisely.

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